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Happiness is when what you think,
what you say and what you do
are in Harmony.


Harmony Yoga will be
Thursday, November 27th
so that our teachers and volunteers
can observe Thanksgiving with their families and friends. 

We will be open Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


          3rd Annual Giving Thanks Open House
                              November 15th
                            FREE YOGA CLASSES ALL DAY!

Harmony will begin collecting food and other items during the entire month of November to benefit The Good Shepherd Center. On Saturday November 15th we will have an open house with yoga classes all day on the hour. There will be  live music. Raffles tickets will be sold for class cards, door prizes and massage. Refreshments will also be served. Bring a food donation and take a free class. Look for more information coming soon!


Just bring a nonperishable food item and enjoy a class.

Pamela Cummins will offer Intuitive Energy Scans from 12:00 – 2:00 pm

All donations will benefit

Click here  for 
The Good Shepherd Center Wish List

~  ~  ~  ~

Spread the Joy of Yoga

Bring a friend new to Harmony
for a free first class.

If they buy a class card that day,
you also will get a free class. 

           ~  ~  ~  ~

SELECT Sure Tee shirts tanks and dresses
30 to 50% off

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Healing Yoga
with Ashley Lindsey

Fridays, November 14th - December 19th
9:15-10:45 am

Healing yoga is a class series intended for those who have experienced a loss. Offered during the holiday season, a time when loss may feel particularly heavy in one’s life, this series provides a compassionate and supportive environment to process and explore the sensations of grief in the mind and body and to work towards a sense of peace within. Each class will consist of guided meditation and breathing techniques to cultivate a sense of peace in the mind as well as a gentle yoga practice aimed at releasing the physical manifestations of grief in the body.

No previous yoga experience is required. This class will meet weekly beginning November 14th with the final class being held on December 19th.

                                  ~  ~  ~  ~

Welcome Dawn Roy

Beginning on November 4th

Rise and Shine Flow Yoga

Tuesdays at 9:15 a.m.

Move over coffee, this morning practice awakens the mind, heats the body and twists out the toxins. Bring your practice to the next level in this fun, flowing fusion of sun salutations, postures and breath work.

                                              ~  ~  ~  ~

Welcome Pamela Cummins, Psychic

 The High Priestess of Love, Pamela Cummins, can assist you in your love life, relationships, self-growth, and dream interpretation. She works with Angels and Guides and uses her psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to shine the light on your path. Her unique coaching and mentoring skills gives you the manifestation toolbox to achieve your goals. Pamela is certified in advanced energy work and attuned as a Reiki master. She will help balance your chakras and energy.  And at times she will receive a message for you during the healing.

Walk-Ins Are Welcomed When Not in Session
Tuesday 3-8pm, Thursday 3-8pm and the  2nd & 4th Sunday of the Month 12-3pm

                                        $10.00 Off Your 1st Half Hour Session
Visit Pamela on 
Harmony's Energetic Healing page for information about Pamela's rates.

Call 973-229-9704 or Email love@pamelacumins.com for appointments,
information on energy healing sessions, and/or coaching sessions & packages.
Visit her website
http://www.pamelacummins.com/  and Follow her on Twitter @RevPamela

~  ~  ~  ~


Kundalini Weekend
Fletcher will be offering a class at the Open House on November 15th and offering a class on Sunday, November 16th at 10:00 a.m. Check back for more details.
Join Fletcher for Kundalini Yoga. All classes will have a pranayam, kriya and meditation as taught Yogi Bhajan.

These classes are open to anyone. No prior experience with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is necessary.

Classes - $15 or use your Kundalini Class card.
 For more information, contact Fletcher -
or (910) 685- 5623.

~  ~  ~  ~

Learn to be a Medical Intuitive Part 1
with Joyce Santiago Geringer
Sunday, November 2nd 
1:00 - 3:30 pm

This class is designed for the practicing healer, bodyworker or therapist. For those of you in the healing field you know your intuition guides you and you are probably highly sensitive already. In this class you will be able to more fully develop the skill of entering the physical body and having x-ray vision. This powerful tool can help so many when it is finely tuned. Learn to read the body and the emotional realm for quick concise information to assist in healing clients.

Cost: $150.00
Raspberrywitch@gmail.com to register

                                               ~  ~  ~  ~

Fundamentals of Yoga... and more!
with Brandon Lee
Saturday, November 8th
1:00-3:00 p.m.
Before we set out on the path of yoga, we should understand its origin. We will delve into the history, philosophy, and symbolism behind this ancient science as well as the chakras (energy body) and principals of alignment necessary to lay the foundation for our practice. This experience will benefit beginners as well as long time practitioners. Join us as we return to our source.

$30 day of event.   $25 if pre-registered by Wednesday, November 5th.  

~  ~  ~  ~

Healing with Tibetan Bowls
with Laura Church
Tuesday, November 11th

5:30 - 7:00 pm

Tibetan bowls have been used in the Himalayas for inducing meditation and healing. Different bowls have different frequencies and the notes correspond to the chakras and human auric fields. The sound waves can aid in removing blockages and stagnant energy.  They can open up the auric fields to receive energy for realignment and clearer perspective.

Pre-register by Saturday, November 8th to reserve your space.

$25 - Preregistration required

  ~  ~  ~  ~

Felted Scarf Workshop
with Deb Browne
Saturday, November 22nd
1:00-4:00 p.m.

Join Deb and discover the joy of felting! You will play with soap and water to turn tufts of wool into a delicate couture quality scarf. Participants will use all merino wool or a merino wool/silk combination. Add wools, yarns, silks and other embellishments to wet felt an incredible lightweight scarf. After this one class, you can wear home the piece of art you’ve created or it's ready to give as a gift.

Don't think you can do it? Come surprise yourself! A large variety of colorful materials is provided to get your creative juices flowing.

No previous experience required. This is a fun, yet physical practice. Standing for an extended period is necessary, so comfortable shoes are a must.

$60 includes all materials needed to create your own work of art.

Space is limited to 5 students. Preregister and prepay by
Thursday, November 20th.

Any questions?
 Email Deb at
or call her at (720) 401- 0775.

~  ~  ~  ~

Symbol of Connection: Mandala Drawing Geared Toward Grief and Loss
Mindful Awareness through Expressive Arts

Meg McGrew, MA, ATR (Art Therapist)
Sunday, December 14th
4:00 - 6:00pm

Meg will facilitate a mandala drawing session geared toward honoring the relationship with someone who has died. Mandala drawing can be helpful to people grieving a loss, as a way to honor someone who has died and many times helps to lessen feelings of anxiety while increasing feelings of relaxation.

Cost: 20.00 per person (cash or check made out to Meg McGrew) sent or dropped off at Harmony Yoga by Dec 12th

Please register for the workshop so that we may reserve a seat for you. Contact: Meg McGrew megmcgrew@bellsouth.net   Please include your phone number in your email

Group size limited to 8 people

No previous art skill or instruction required.

“Mandala” is the Sanskrit word for “circle” and mandala circle images have been used in many ancient traditions as a representation of self, wholeness, healing or the universe. Participants in this class will learn how to draw their own personal mandalas (circle drawings) using art materials supplied by the instructor. There will also be instruction on how to approach the mandala drawing activity with a non-judgmental, accepting and open attitude reflecting the core aspects of mindfulness. Mandala drawing can be useful in managing stress or anxiety, as it is helpful in triggering feelings of relaxation. Drawing will be done in a relaxing, meditative atmosphere so that each individual can focus on their own creation.

                                        ~  ~  ~  ~

Ashley Lindsey

Intro to Vinyasa Yoga
5:45 - 7:00 pm
9:15 - 10:30 am until 11/7

Healing Yoga
Fridays, November 14th - December 19th
9:15-10:45 am

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 
9:15 - 10:30 am

                                     ~  ~  ~  ~ 

Lindsey Essing

Join Lindsey for her new classes -- Gentle Yoga on Mondays and on Wednesdays, GrooVinyasa!

Gentle Yoga 
3:30 - 4:30 pm

                                                  Gentle Yoga
Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:45 am-12:00 pm
 Class fills up. Please arrive early.

                                          GrooVinyasa Yoga 
                                                    5:45-7:00 pm

                                                            ~  ~  ~  ~ 

Anastasia Worrell

Yin Yoga

12:30-1:30 pm

For more information about Yin Yoga, click here
or visit our
Yoga and Your Health page for this article and others which discuss the health benefits of yoga.

                                                     ~  ~  ~  ~

Heather Purdin

Mondays & Wednesdays
7:15 - 8:15 pm
Community Class - $10

 Gentle Yoga
7:15 - 8:15 pm

AromaFlow Yoga
9:15 am-10:30 am

Alternating Saturdays
10:45 - 11:45 am

~  ~  ~  ~

3:30 pm-4:30 pm
Basic Yoga Level 1


5:45 -   7:00 pm
Vinyasa Yoga

7:15  -  8:15 pm
Relax & Restore Yoga

5:45  -  7:00 pm
Vinyasa Yoga

    (Community Class $10) 

Alternating Saturdays
10:45 - 11:45 am
Gentle Yoga

  1:00  -  2:15 pm
Restore and Recharge

~  ~  ~  ~

Rachel Crawford Goolsby
Alignment Based Yoga
9:15 - 10:45 a.m.

This class is a mixed level class with some partnering.The class is challenging at times but always healing as we unite key alignment with effective, safe actions to refine our skill and awareness in our practice.

~  ~  ~  ~

Lisa Hawkins

Keep It Simple Yoga
10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m

This is a great practice if you are new to yoga, prefer taking things at a more relaxed pace or if you are recovering from injury. Props and modifications are offered to support your body and breath. Focuses on the benefits of relaxing, calming, and meditative aspects of yoga practice; ideal for those looking to let go of stress or any form of negativity.

~  ~  ~  ~

Shared Room for Rent
Available Immediately

Move in Special
$215 1st month / $115 2nd month

Space available to share on 2nd floor for a yoga-compatible business or practitioner. $215 per month includes space on our website for your information and promotions.
Contact Michele - 910 795-0603 - for more information.

~ ~ ~ ~

Fall Facial Specials
with Tiffany LeMasters

umpkin Enzyme Facial

Regular price $65
Fall Special $45

Apple Brightening Facial
Regular price $65
Fall Special $45

Call Tiffany LeMasters
 for your complementary consultation and to book your appointment.
Gift certificates available.

~  ~  ~  ~

Massage Therapy at Harmony with Christine and Kathryn

Christine is offering the following discounts. If you currently are a Harmony student, Christine would like to offer you a special discounted price on your massage.
One hour Swedish Massage $35
90-minute Swedish Massage $50

To book an appointment with Christine, contact:


910-742-0217 / oceanannmassageandbodywork@gmail.com

(Available to those with a current Harmony Yoga class card only.)

~  ~  ~  ~

  Kathryn Peterson,  Massage Therapist

 Kathryn believes that you deserve to be relaxed and free of pain. Come and experience a "unique to you” treatment she develops to address your  specific needs, utilizing a variety of modalities including Swedish, acupressure, cross-muscle techniques, foot reflexology, and clinical aromatherapy. 

Contact Kathryn at 910- 274-8704 or mauiarts@mindspring.com

   Kathryn's Specials

Gemstone Chakra Balancing Massage
     Precious and semi-precious stones are placed on the body to stimulate the energy flow and healing. Aromatherapy oils are chosen to compliment your specific treatment. A phone consultation is needed before you schedule an appointment.

Rock'in Hot Stone Massage
        A customized treatment using warm stones to melt away your stress. Treatment also includes foot reflexology, acupressure points and deep to lighter  modalities.

Gift  certificates available for all occasions.

~  ~  ~  ~

The Snow Leopard Intuition Boot Camp
with Joyce Santiago Geringer

Private Intuitive Development Sessions Now Available!

This is a personalized and private training system which Joyce has developed. In safe, one hour sessions, under mediumistic protection and clairvoyant guidance, you can begin to unleash your power. These sessions can be done over the phone or in person at Harmony Yoga.

Some of the results I have witnessed from my students have been:
 -An intimate and personal connection to Spirit Guides and Past lives
 -Clairvoyant dreams
 -Removal of debris caught in the energy field, unknowingly for years, that blocks success
 -Healing old wounds and reuniting of family members
 -Setting boundaries with people and non-physical entities
 -Applying  intuition for career, personal or spiritual life
 -Being able to read people clairvoyantly, swiftly and with detail

 For those select students who are ready to take the leap:
 Contact Joyce at (910) 799-1628 or cell (919) 464-6890 or email

 Recommended 10 sessions over a 3 month period
 Booked by appt..
 Cost: $1200

~  ~  ~  ~

Please visit Harmony's partners. They're located right in the building.

Christine Munson
Licensed Massage Therapist

For more information and ways to contact Christine, please click here
to visit her page.

Joyce Geringer Santiago,
Intuitive Consultant

For more information and ways to contact Joyce, please click here
to visit her page.

Kathryn Peterson
Licensed Massage Therapist

For more information and ways to contact Kathryn, please click here to visit her page.


Harmony Yoga has openings for front desk or cleaning help

 Work one four-hour front desk shift per week
in exchange for drastically reduced price in Yoga Classes.

Love to clean? Flexible schedule - early morning or evening - work for you? Have we got a deal for you! Contact Michele for details,
Please stop by the studio for more
information and to pick up the application


Please check Upcoming Events for future
events, workshops and other
community activities.

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