A Wellness Center & Yoga


Agnes Jarroush

  Sami S. Jarroush

Sami S. Jarroush, author of I AM THE BODY, THE MIND AND THE SOUL, and his wife, Agnes Jarroush had a dream to open a center where people can come to find their peace and heal themselves. 

We, at HARMONY, are grateful and inspired to be able to offer many different options for people who are looking for stress relief, spiritual growth, a greater understanding of life on this earth or to simply take care of the physical body by increasing flexibility, stamina and balance.

We aim to keep our classes and services affordable as we believe that serving many is better than serving a select few. 

We thank you for visiting our yoga website and we hope to see you at our center/studio!

Please feel free to float to our other websites if you would like to know more about who we are and what we do.