A Wellness Center & Yoga

3504 N. Kerr Ave.

Wilmington, NC  28405


​ Basic Yoga:
This is a great class to build a strong foundation of yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation. With extra instruction and more time in the yoga postures, new and seasoned students will have the opportunity to explore and deepen their practice.

Flow (Vinyasa) Yoga:
Go deeper into your practice connecting breath, body and mind.  Flow through a thoughtful sequence of asanas (poses) that build heat, strength, flexibility and concentration.

Gentle Yoga:
This is a great practice if you are new to yoga, or prefer taking things at a more relaxed pace. Also a perfect class if you are recovering from injury. Props and modifications are offered to support your body and breath. Focuses on the benefits of relaxing, calming, and meditative aspects of yoga practice; ideal for those looking to let go of stress or any form of negativity. Beginners or advanced yogis will benefit from this relaxing yoga that is easy on the body.

Gentle Flow Yoga:
Gentle Flow Yoga is a beautiful expression of hip opening and heart opening postures and sequences as we flow through a fluid yoga practice. This is appropriate for beginners as well as all yogis who prefer a more easy-going yoga experience. 

Light Yoga:
Gently awaken your consciousness through a subtle practice of movement and breath, elevating yourself on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being.  This is the perfect opportunity to decompress and enhance your personal level of well-being. 

Restorative Yoga:
“Active relaxation” is the guiding philosophy of Restorative Yoga.  Stillness and meditative calmness is achieved by the use of props such as blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets; to assist in the total support and relaxation of the body. This is a gentle form of yoga that allows for your body to be pampered while getting the benefits of your yoga experience.